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No Dinner Again This Week!


Snowball fight anyone?

Snowball fight anyone?

Another snow day tomorrow, April 17th!  The forecast is for maybe a foot of snow by tomorrow afternoon in Rapid City.  Today the kitchen crew at Calvary worked hard on getting food ready for the meal tomorrow night.  48 pound cakes have been baked and 200 pounds of roast beef have been roasted.  Then we got the word…no school tomorrow.  Therefore, no Wednesday school, no meal, no worship service at Calvary Lutheran Church either.  No worries!  Into the freezer it went, and we’ll thaw it out for dinner next Wednesday night.  That will be our last meal until September and the kids will be singing in worship.  We hope to see you all there.


The menu for April 24th, 2013 will be:

Your choice of Roast Beef, Sloppy Joes, or BBQ Pulled Chicken

Baked Potatoes

Green Bean Casserole

Dinner Rolls or Biscuits

English Trifle (a layered dessert with homemade pound cake, mixed berries, pudding and whipped cream)

Roast Beef Dinner and White Pie Recipe

Great turnout for the roast beef dinner last night!  We served 600 people using 300 pounds of eye of round roasts, 72 pounds of fresh broccoli, 600 baked potatoes, 720 dinner rolls, and 80 pies.  There were hardly any leftovers!  Glad you could come to dinner and stay around for worship and education classes afterward.  That’s what this dinner ministry is all about:  serving food and fellowship in the midst of praising and worshiping God.

We can always use more volunteers, both in the dining room on Wednesdays, and in the kitchen on Tuesday mornings (9:30-12:30) and Wednesdays (1:00-8:00).

 No experience necessary!

Cooking is Fun! If you can stir a pot or chop an onion you’re qualified! Sign up today. Call Karen at 484-4858 or email at

I’ve had recipe requests for the chocolate pie and the white pie we served this week.  The chocolate pie recipe is on a previous post, so go to the link and find it there:  Ash Wednesday Meal Recipes

Here’s the recipe for “White Pie”.  It may have other names, but it’s Uncle Rick’s favorite, and it’s always been called White Pie in our family.


1 9″ graham cracker crumb crust
1 8 oz package cream cheese
1 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
1/3 cup lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Whip it up in the mixer! Pour into the crust. Refrigerate at least 3 hours (if you can wait that long!)  Top with coolwhip if desired.

Sorry, no photos available (I was too busy cooking on Wednesday!)


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