It's not just potluck anymore…

Here’s a look at a typical Wednesday at Calvary Lutheran Church.  It’s a fun place to be!

Dinner prep starts in the kitchen at 1:00, and work in the kitchen continues until the last dish is washed, usually around 8:00.

Dinner prep starts in the kitchen at 1:00, and work in the kitchen continues until the last dish is washed, usually around 8:00.

Sharing a meal with friends and family.

Dinner service starts at 4:45 and continues until 6:15. Two sessions of the children’s education classes allow some families to eat early, and some to eat late.

All ages are welcome and celebrated.

All ages are welcome and celebrated. Some weeks we have Milestone Ministries, helping families pass on the faith.

  • Milestones

    Milestone Ministry is a way of helping families pass on the Christian faith. It is a way to celebrate events in our every day lives that shape our identity and give us a sense of belonging to the family of Jesus Christ. Milestone’s bring an awareness of God’s presence into the home while also bringing the events of our every day lives into the congregation. Each month, we will be celebrating these sacred and ordinary milestones in conjunction with our Wednesday night service at 6:30*.

Milestones Nights – “Passing on the Faith”
Sept 18, 2013 – Kindergarten, Backpack Blessing
Sept 25, 2013 – 6th Grade, Middle School (NEW)
Oct 2, 2013 – 8th Grade, Entering Confirmation (NEW)
Oct 16, 2013 – 3rd Grade, Bibles
Nov 6, 2013 – 2nd Grade, The Lords Prayer
Nov 20, 2013 – Birth to 2, Baptism
Jan 15, 2014 – 1st Grade, Favors for Neighbors
Jan 29, 2014 – 4th Grade, Passing on the Faith
Feb 12, 2014 – 5th Grade, First Communion
Feb 26, 2014 – Pre-school (3,4,&5 yr olds), Belonging (UPDATED – 2 groups combined)
March 5, 2014 – 7th Grade, Serving Others* (At 7:00 pm worship service) (NEW)

And some nights we have special dinner music, as we did last week with Al Spreizer on accordian for our Octoberfest meal:

A 30 minute worship service follows dinner at 6:30, with gathering music by the Praise Band starting at 6:20.  The kids love it when the band plays, “I Get Down, and He Lifts Me Up”:

Great lyrics:

Lavishly our lives are wasted
Humbleness is left untasted
You can’t live your life to please yourself, yeah
That’s a tip from my mistakes
Exactly what it doesn’t take
To win you’ve got to come in last place
To live your life you’ve got to lose it
And all the losers get a crown

I get down and He lifts me up
I get down and He lifts me up
I get down and He lifts me up
I get down

All I need’s another day
Where I can’t seem to get away
From the many things that drag me down, yeah
I’m sure you’ve had a day like me
Where nothing seems to set you free
From the burdens you can’t carry all alone
In your weakness He is stronger
In Your darkness He shines through
When you’re crying He’s your comfort
When your all alone, He’s carrying you


This valley is so deep
I can barely see the sun
I cry out for mercy, Lord
You lift me up again

Then after all of this, the high school group, confirmation groups, and adult Bible study groups meet.

All in all, Wednesdays are a great place to be at Calvary Lutheran Church.

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  1. Julie Schleusener said:

    Great job, Karen!

    Were you guys in Denver today? Great day for a home game!

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  2. My Aunt Ida and Uncle Lamont shared this Word Press post with me. Great things are happening at your church in Rapid City. My husband of almost 5 years is a pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Wichita Falls, TX. We are trying to grow our church.


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