It's not just potluck anymore…

Every week our menus are created to appeal to a wide variety of needs and tastes.  For the last few years we have offered a salad bar with every meal and last year we added gluten-free main dish and dessert options. Karla made this week’s menu with the kids in mind, and for the kid hiding inside every grown-up who secretly yearns for mac and cheese and jello every once in awhile.


Dinner is served from 4:45-6:15pm.  All are welcome!

Chicken Strips with Dipping Sauces

Macaroni and Cheese

Steamed Broccoli

Red and Orange Jello

Salad Bar

Rice Krispie Treats and Double Chocolate Cookies


Comments on: "November 16th Menu" (3)

  1. Karla said:

    Awww….love it….thanks!!


  2. Sharon Maszy said:

    Hi Karen, sounds Great! Did you buy the chicken strips or do you have a Recipe? Love getting your menus, always inspires me. Sharon Maszy


  3. Sharon, We’re using Brakebush chicken tenders ordered from Sysco. I’ll post the order info on the next blog post for you. Karen


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