It's not just potluck anymore…


On September 28th, we served about 500 people a meal of pasta, meatballs and marinara sauce, a salad bar, garlic bread and garlic knot rolls, and homemade cookies for dessert. ¬†Pre-cooked, frozen meatballs, are browned in the oven and then mixed with Sysco’s deluxe marinara sauce.


Lots of delicious greens are tossed together for the salad bar.


Frozen prepared garlic toast is loaded onto full size sheet pans, ready for the oven just before dinnertime.


Garlic knot rolls are made with by rolling pizza dough into knots, spraying with garlic mist and sprinkling with kosher salt and parmesan cheese before baking.


75 pounds of rotini noodles were cooked on Tuesday morning, rinsed in cold water and tossed with olive oil, refrigerated overnight, then boiled for 90 seconds just before serving to rewarm them.


100 dozen homemade cookies were baked on Tuesday morning.



And most importantly, you need good help at the end of the night for clean-up


The next week we served Johnsonville Beer Brats and hotdogs (pre-cooked, browned up on the grill), homemade warm German potato salad, a salad bar and chips.



Pre-made pie crust sheets were filled with apple pie filling and rolled up, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and baked to make apple strudel.


3 different kinds of kuchen were delivered to us by Pietz’s Kuchen Kitchen in Scotland, SD for a special authentic German treat.img_2025

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