It's not just potluck anymore…


Wednesday Evening Meal

October 1, 2014

4:45-6:15 pm

Worship begins at 6:30 in the Sanctuary


Barbecue Pulled Pork and Chopped Beef Brisket Sandwiches

New Orleans Coleslaw

Baked Beans

Salad Bar

Fresh Apples with Caramel Dip

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Suggested Donation $5 per person, $3 for children (under 12)

All Members and Visitors are Welcome

We had great attendence at dinner last week: 396 adults and children over 12, 164 kids under 12, for a total of 560 (including 72 visitors).  How much food do you need to feed almost 600 people? 150 pounds of taco meat, 1000 taco shells, 120 fresh tomatoes, 20 pounds of shredded cheese, 60 pounds of lettuce, 6 large pans of rice, 8 #10 cans of beans, 10 pounds of corn, 3 gallons of salsa, 24 pounds of tortilla chips, 8 #10 cans of nacho cheese sauce, 21 gallons of vanilla ice cream and 2 big crocks of homemade hot fudge sauce and 600 churros.


Your donation of money to cover the cost of all this food, and the donation of your time in the kitchen and dining room are important in keeping this ministry cooking, so thank you for giving generously.  We’ve welcomed some new helpers to the kitchen and are always looking for more.  Join us in the kitchen any time on Tuesdays between 9:30-noon and/or on Wednesdays between 1pm-8pm.  Thank you!IMG_4324

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