It's not just potluck anymore…




Comments on: "Baked Potato Bar, 12-6-17" (4)

  1. Patricia Wick said:

    Hi Karen,

    I love following your dinners. I cook for large amounts at my fire hall and am always looking for ideas and for amounts. Got a question for you. Have you ever done the small red salt potatoes?? How many pounds would you get for your big crowds if you do??

    My therapist told me a way to achieve inner peace was to finish things I had started. Today I finished 2 bags of potato chips and a chocolate cake. I feel better already




    • I have done red potatoes several times. I’ll post a couple of recipes on a blog post for you. Thanks for following us!


  2. Shay Matkins said:


    I am trying to figure out what was used to make the filling in the angel food roll. If you are able to share that would be greatly appreciated.



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