It's not just potluck anymore…

We had a nice turnout last Wednesday for the Baked Potato Bar with all the trimmings, including orange jello salad on the salad bar, and rice crispie treats and cranberry bread pudding for dessert.

Besides the regular Wednesday programs, things have been busy around the church this week: photos are being taken for the new church directory; the stewardship pledge drive is underway (don’t forget to fill out your pledge card and drop it in the box at church or mail it to the church office); the confirmation kids were off to the hockey game together on Wednesday; and our high school kids have been running about town putting out warm scarves and hats for those in need, knitted by our very own CIA group (Calvary in Action).  If you haven’t been following the intrigue of the scarves on the downtown presidential statues, check out the story here from the Rapid City Journal Scarves on Statues.  And then this happened Mayor reverses policy


And then there was this very nice note in the paper by Journal staffer, Seth Tupper, on November 12:

As I do every morning on my route to the office, I walked past the statue of Dwight Eisenhower this morning on the northwest corner of the intersection of Fifth and St. Joseph streets in downtown Rapid City. The statue is part of the City of Presidents, a permanent installation of life-size bronze sculptures.

Today, there was something different about old Ike. He was quite a bit more fashionable than usual, with a soft, feminine-looking white scarf draped around his neck. It was an odd and funny look for the old general, whose sculpture depicts him in his military uniform.

When I got close to the statue, I noticed a note attached to the scarf. Here’s what it said:

… I was a stranger and you WELCOMED me, I was naked and you gave me CLOTHING. -Matthew 25: 35-36

If you are in NEED of this item, it is yours.

God Bless You!

Calvary in Action & CLC High School Youth

Calvary Lutheran Church, 5311 Sheridan Lake Rd, Rapid City, SD

I glanced up the street and saw other statues with more scarves, and some with stocking caps and ear warmers.

As a reporter, I’m as cynical as they come, but this pure expression of Christian charity warmed my heart on a chilly fall morning. There are many homeless people who frequent the downtown area, and it was great to see a group simply giving to those in need with no strings attached — other than the one used to affix the nice note.


Artist James Van Nuys, who sculpted 3 of the presidential statues, had this to say about the effort, “I think it’s just kind of a way public art can do something friendly and wonderful in the community and I don’t have any problem with it.” See the story from KOTA news here
And in the news once again this week, Pastor David Piper and Associate Minister Tom Martin, were featured in this very enjoyable KOTA interview about their passionate football rivalry as Packer and Vikings fans. Local Clergy swept up in rivalry
Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and we’ll see you back in the Calvary dining room on Wednesday, December 2nd. Menu will be posted soon.

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