It's not just potluck anymore…


November 12, 2014

4:45 pm – 6:15 pm

Worship begins at 6:30 in the sanctuary.

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!


We’re going to try something new this week.  Steve Cronin and his Pizza Ranch kitchen will keep the hot pizzas coming throughout dinner.  Since we are limited in our oven space, we’ve never been able to try making homemade pizzas for a Wednesday meal.  Every spring on our surveys you ask for a pizza night, so finally we are going to be able to make it happen.  We hope you enjoy it.  Here’s what kind of pizzas they’ll be bringing us:



 Buffalo Chicken (spicy)

 Tuscan Roma ( Alfredo, spinach, tomatoes)

 Roundup (beef, sausage, onion, black olive, mushroom, pepperoni)

 Stampede (supreme)

 Bronco (meat lovers)

 Wildfire (our new LTO chorizo sausage pepperoni with ancho chipotle sauce)

BBQ chicken

 Prairie (veggie)

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo


Salad Bar, Fresh Fruit

Ice Cream Treats and Chocolate Cake

Suggested donation … $3 for Kids under 12 … $5 for 12 & up


Comments on: "Pizza Buffet on 11-12-14" (6)

  1. Will there be gluten free pizza?


  2. Jill Fulk said:

    Hi Karen, Jill from Plainfield Christian Church in Indiana here!

    We just did pizza night a couple of Wednesday’s ago. We do our set-up a bit different than you do. We serve cafeteria style- 2lines. We have a different serving/clean-up team each week of the month (4 teams), but if there happens to be a 5th Wednesday we get food from a local vendor, use disposable everything and have our teens serve/clean-up. 2 wks ago we did Pizza King. We have it worked out perfect with them. We were feeding 300 this time so we did 80 pizzas broke into 3 deliveries. We only serve for 1 hour. We do have 4 big Crescor warming ovens, so we stick a different topping in each warmer and just pull from there to keep the serving line stocked. We keep it basic…just pepperoni, sausage, or cheese. When guests come through the line they get to choose 2 slices. We usually have left overs, so we take those out to the dining room and give those away once everyone has been served. We served breadsticks and baked apples with the pizza and then set up two salad bars (usually only do 1). Hope everything works out for you on Wednesday…it’s Beef Tips over Mushroom garlic rice for us, also glazed carrots, rolls, salad bar and dessert. We also do another meal (usually kids choose this) this week it’s French toasts sticks, turkey sausage links and a yogurt. Our guests sign-up for the meal and make their meal choice on our attendance cards on Sunday. They can also sign up online by 2:00 Monday and many do that.

    Today I cooked for 100 for a meal downtown indy that our teens provide to the needy at a shelter. They are so appreciative and its great for our kids!

    We are also feeding our Golden Glows (senior group) a free thanksgiving meal on Thursday so that means prepping for it also on Wed while getting ready for fellowship meal…we will have a very busy kitchen! We will feed about 350 for that. Prep does start tomorrow (Tues) for it with lots of help!

    One of the busiest weeks of the year for us and I love it!



    • I enjoyed reading about your meals and how you set up. One thing we’ve never done is have people sign up in advance to come for dinner. So far this has worked out ok for us. I just plan enough food for 550 (or 600 when we are having a special occasion, like 5th grade communion). If we have leftovers, we always share them with the shelters downtown or save what we can use in the future. I’m looking forward to our first pizza night. It will be a nice week to not have to work so hard in the kitchen.


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