It's not just potluck anymore…

Did you enjoy the S’mores Bars and Rice Krispie Treats at dinner last night?

We made 480 of each kind of bars and not a crumb was left behind.  Tony’s smoked meatloaf also vanished by 6:00!  Apologies to those who came to dinner for the last 15 minutes and missed out, but we hope you enjoyed the Cheesy Church Potatoes (our own special version of the hashbrown casserole) and the fruit salad and the Dijon Green Beans.

Here’s the recipe for the S’mores Bars (We made this recipe 8 times, so you will see the total amount for 480 bars in parentheses after the amount for 1 pan)


Gooey S’mores Bars

Use a 12x20x2 inch cake pans (or 2 9×13 pans).  Cut 6×10 yields 60 bars.


Beat together with electric mixer until light and fluffy:

1 1/3 cup sugar      (10 2/3 cups)

1 cup softened butter or margarine    (8 cups)

1 tsp vanilla   (8 tsp)

2 eggs    (16 eggs)


Stir the following into the butter/sugar mixture:

4 2/3 cup graham cracker crumbs        (37 1/3 cups)

2/3 cup flour      (5 1/3 cups)

¼ tsp salt     (2 tsp)

Reserve 2 cups of this mixture and press the remaining in well-greased pan for crust.  The reserved batter will be crumbled on top later.


Sprinkle over crust and press in lightly:

4 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips (24 oz)     (Total: 192 oz or 12#)


Drop marshmallow Fluff (or cream) by tablespoonfuls over chocolate chips:

14 oz marshmallow cream     (8 jars total)

Wet back of metal spoon and use to lightly spread cream.


Sprinkle with:

2 cups miniature marshmallows    (16 cups)

2 cups reserved crumb mixture


Bake 17-22 minutes at 325* convection, or until marshmallows are puffed and light golden brown.  Cool at least 30 minutes.  Cut into bars.



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  1. I concur with that chubby fellow up there. Oh boy indeed.


    • Thanks Raych! Loved your review of Animal, Veg, Miracle on the blog, oh by the way. I’m big fan of all Ms. Kingsolver’s books.


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