It's not just potluck anymore…


Thanks for coming down to church last night, especially all 620 of you who made it for dinner!  With 5 guys out working on two big grills and the griddle going in the kitchen, we managed to cook up 400 quarterpounders and 480 sliders and keep up with the demand fairly well.  We also served up 20 pans of baked beans, about 120 pounds of fresh fruit, 150 pounds of tater tots, 24 pans of apple rhubarb crisp and 14 gallons of Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream.  A very special thank you goes out to Helena Bauer who donated about 160 cups of diced rhubarb!  I hear we also have some special guests who like to frequent our meals…the Texas Hold ’em group from the Senior Citizens’ Center.  Welcome!

Coming next week, Sept. 26th:  Soft Tacos with Ground Beef, Grilled Chicken and Veggies with all the fixin’s.  Full menu will be posted here soon.  Hope you can join us!

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